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Read in-depth analysis on how global poultry trade is affected by Coronavirus COVID-19 and how the pandemic is impacting growers and producers. Find the latest news on vaccine research, poultry market outlooks, production biosecurity measures to keep birds and feed safe and the long-term economic ramifications of the outbreak.


Cherkizovo lab gets accreditation to detect COVID-19

It becomes the first privately-owned lab to gain approval to test environmental samples for COVID-19

Cherkizovo Lab has become the first private laboratory to receive accreditation from Association of Analytical Centers Analitica to test environmental samples for COVID-19. 

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Meat retailers need to keep consumers engaged post-COVID

The pandemic causes some major shifts in purchasing behavior that will have long-lasting effects.

Consumers flocked to retail meat departments during the COVID-19 pandemic and economic conditions suggest that strong demand could continue for the foreseeable future. Retailers will need to innovate and evolve to keep animal proteins at the center of the plate post-pandemic.

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COVID vaccine hesitancy a challenge for meat industry

At plants where there has been a hyperlocal effort to educate about the benefits of vaccination, there has been more success

Workers at meat and poultry plants are increasingly becoming prioritized to become vaccinated for COVID-19, but there are still cases of those workers being reluctant to receive the vaccines.

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10 takeaways from the 2021 Power of Meat Report

Meat reemerged as the king of retail, but the industry needs to work hard to keep consumer interest.

Retail sales of meat and poultry flourished during COVID-19. To ensure continued success post-pandemic, the industry will need to find ways to maintain consumer interest and provide education about sustainability, animal welfare, health and transparency.

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